My name is Ben.

Old and Broken:
Perhaps you would like to view my Class 8 diesel truck fuel location optimization application, also called Best Fuel Finder (BFF)?
You'll find it here. My scraping script is now broken, so the fuel prices are outdated . But hey, give it a go!

Old and Broken:
I've also been working on some Data Visualization.
Look at some cool geo-plotting here.

Old and Partially Broken:
Take a gander at my portfolio.   And here is my learning blog.


Check out my progress at Project Euler and use friend key: 731297_99d51d7e547d180fb2505cc4d3bd44d1 to follow me.
Then check out how I solved them, or tell me a better way, or just peruse some of my stuff at GitHub
You'll find a brief CV at Stack Overflow

You can reach me on Twitter, @thebenlove
or Google+ Ben Love